Vi, du & jag

Du sa det så bra
Vi är det statiska
Alla andra är det dynamiska
Vi är en fredad zon, något orubbligt

Inte ens 6 år av tystnad kunde ändra på det

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So Daft Punk keeps on releasing teasers from their upcoming album.
Rolling Stone magazine has a great interview on their site, check it out!
Daft Punk on Rolling Stone

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Young Clapton

I love listening to musicians talking about their music in this sort of way

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Nothing else but Junip

Junip has released a new single from their forthcoming album
Your Life Your Call

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In the next couple of months 3 of my favorite groups will be releasing new albums.
First out is Junip, probably known best for their singer José González. Their last album, Fields, is one of my all time favorite albums in Swedish music. And their first single, Line of Fire, is nothing short of amazing. This will probably be one of the best albums to be released this year.

The second group is possibly sweden’s best hip-hop export. Of course it’s Looptroop Rockers!
Being one of few swedish groups rapping in English, and doing better than many who has it as their native language, they have made a name for them selves with their interests in politics and human rights.
This will be their first all Swedish album so this one could be quite interesting.
Though I don’t really like the first single, Hårt mot Hårt, they have a few interesting guest artists and I think this album will please the average listener but the fan who’s been listening to Looptroop since day one will probably miss their old sound.

Last but not least. Daft Punk! Do I need to say more?
This is an album I’ve been waiting for since they made the music for “Tron – Legacy” and that album, although being a pretty good album, wasn’t really the Daft Punk we remembered from their last album Human After All.
Check out this preview.

This is going to be a good year for music

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Let’s go international!

First post in English. Mainly because I think I’m one of few in Sweden who listens to Die Antwoord and their earlier variations of the band.

Die Antwoord

When I first came across their music back in 2007 they went under the name Watkin Tudor Jones. Of course this is also the name of their front man, now known better as Ninja.
With a playful, electronic sound and interesting lyrics in a mix between English and Afrikaans they really blew me away. This was a sound I had never listened to before. (And it would take almost 2 more years before this electro sound spread to Swedish hip hop)

I kept an eye on them to see if they would eventually release something new.
A new album came, Good Morning South Africa, but this time under the pseudonym MaxNormal.TV
The sound had now changed to a bit calmer and with a “friendlier” tone.
The whole approach of MaxNormal.TV was to have a “corporate” hip-hop group. Watkin cut his hair and dressed up in a suit and tie to complete the look.
In some of the songs from this album you can start to notice how they became more frustrated with the big break that just would not come any closer. And this is where you can start to see the bits and pieces that would later come together and form Die Antwoord.
With the biggest piece being their song “Total Fuck Up” in which lyrics we can find these lines:

Ugh I want to break free, why does everybody hate me?
Maybe I should take E, and maybe try to get in with the new rave scene
I’ll change my name to Wad E, rock space age shades and shave my body
Sport tight little white shorts, now I’m the man
A tight white vest says “pump up the jam”
Change my accent, make it more wild
Total makeover, change my whole style
With the diamond ball inside my palm
My mind is gone, but the vibe is on

Many have wondered if Die Antwoord is a serious group or if they are just making fun of the hip-hop scene.
Personally I can’t seem to make up my mind. I think there is more to it than most other people seem to see. It’s not the first time they have changed their whole approach and you got to give it to them, it works. They are getting much attention.

No matter what their intentions are I will continue to follow this group to see what the future will bring them.
In my book they are pure genius.

If you can get your hands on them you should check out these albums:
Max Normal – Songs From The Mall
Watkin Tudor Jones – Fantastic Kill
MaxNormal.TV – Good Morning South Africa

And these groups:
Constructus Corporation
Original Evergreens

Last but not least my Die Antwoord mix on 8tracks

and a youtube playlist with just videos from and about Die Antwoord and their previous groups

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Analoga drömmar

Drömmer om ett eget mörkrum och lyssnar på fransk elektro.

Mellanformat, leksakskamera och systemkamera i en härlig blandning. Känslan av att vara med från bildens början till dess slut.


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